If the book has helped you or someone you know, please comment below how it made a difference, this means more to me than anything…

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  1. Jim Watt Reply

    The Trauma Cleaner book has changed my heart already about transgender people and how deeply misunderstood they are and just reading the foreword and introduction to your book has touched me deeply as well. I remember maybe 25 years ago I had a transexual person come to our homegroup and I tried to talk him out of the operation. I was unsuccessful and I never saw him again but maybe it worked out for her eventually. I am sorry for my likely misunderstanding of what was happening for him then. I’m only halfway through your book but I hope someone has apologised to you on behalf of the church for all the pain we have caused you Laurie. If not I apologise to you right now. Your courage to write about it all is amazing.

  2. Christina Kerr Reply

    Something I’ll take with me from your book is the idea that just because a particular church or congregation doesn’t fit a person’s needs doesn’t mean there isn’t a church out there that will.

  3. Heather Haisley Reply

    Just finished the audio book. Very much enjoyed the story and as a conservative Christian trans girl I really appreciate you pouring out your soul as you let everyone know that the anti-god liberal is not the only trans voice out there. I have been a Christian for 43 years and God has not condemned me once. Bless you.

  4. Teresa Trower Reply

    I ran across mention of your book about a year ago on a Facebook group, and instantly knew that this was a book I had to order and read. When it came in the mail, I opened the package and began to read your narrative while still in the parking lot. That night after work, I skipped sleep to read the first half, and the following night did the same. Wow. The impact on my life and on my transition was and is forceful and long-lasting. Our stories are not the same, but I have definite parallels to parts of your narrative, life, and even who I am — a Christian, Pentecostal, conservative trans woman. Now a year later, I have realized just how impactful your story is. My pastor read the book, and copies were provided for the staff to read as well (assigned reading!), and of course, copies are now available for anyone in the church who is interested to read as well. I sent copies to my three children and five siblings, and have since given away many more.

    You may not have lived the same life as Laurie Scott — you may not even be transgender — but her story is one that cannot be read except with a lump in ones throat and very often with a tear in your eye. It is the story of finding her way in the legalistic maze that is modern Christianity, and a maze that I, too, have begun to navigate.

    I cannot recommend this book highly enough, and truly hope that you will obtain a copy. Straight or transgender, it might just change your life.

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