Reviews pre and post publishing:

We have learned SO much from you and your story and we think of the LGBT community completely different now because of you and your book. You have opened our eyes

I started reading your book a few minutes ago. I’m up to page 21. I’ve been crying almost non-stop. I have to leave for a meeting in 10 minutes and my eye makeup is ruined. Thanks! ?”

Best book ever! I’ve finished it now. I am just overwhelmed by your beautiful heart. So much love and grace and forgiveness for the people who hurt you over the years. And I can’t imagine how tough it must have been to re-live all of that. Thank you for listening to God’s call on your life

Just want to let you know that my husband is about half way through your book. And he LOVES it! He is an avid reader. He reads a lot of true story, biography type of books. And he is so impressed with your writing.

This book needs to be published!! Your pain and perseverance comes thru loud and clear. You are one strong woman!!

Laurie!! You have such a unique and important voice. It’s truly amazing seeing how your courage & testimony are reaching those who need it!

I am SO proud of you! I just had to stop and send you a message to say how much I can feel all of your feelings in this book. I’ve had knots in my throat repeatedly feeling you in each situation…what can I say…I’m an empath.
What a writer you are!! I’m living through your story with you as I read. I’m [on] page 197…gotta get back to the story. I can’t stop reading!!!

I finished the book yesterday morning at 4am.  Wow, you are a beautiful writer!  I could feel every step of your journey.  I spent most of Sunday reading ~ I wanted to take it all in at one time and only had a few chapters left that I finished between 3 & 4am yesterday morning. I was glued to your story Laurie!  I love the cliff hangers at the end of each chapter!!!!

I too was badly hurt by a church I loved. I related to that part of your story intimately, and came to tears more than once. Thanks so much for sharing your whole heart.

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